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"Myron and his team were carefully selected to represent us in September of 2014 after a sequence of 2 bad experiences - and these were high profile, reputable real estate companies on Oahu. As a result, this put incredible stress on our family as it happened all within the same year. One real estate company was terminated due to their ethics.

Not to give up, we decided to interview Myron as he was previously helpful (not even being in on the transaction) when we sold our previous home in Nuuanu 2007. He gave us some great advice in that deal - we remembered his upfront and honest style. After meeting his wife Ambur and the rest of his team, we decided to sign up with them. We were probably not the easiest to deal with after the other realtors - their failed promises - but his team was always there to help us with all our questions and deal with our high stress level as we wanted to close on our present house by the end of 2014 for tax reasons and to get a good loan rate.

We sold our house in less than a week at exactly the price we wanted! Myron and his legal team made the process easy - contracts and the disclosure process is not easy, but they assisted us all the way.

Myron has quite a reputation and he lives up to it. He was always available to answer my many calls - and I am demanding and detail oriented having a business of my own. Myron and his team of professionals helped us through both the sale of our house and the buy in Manoa.

The stress was high because the real estate single family home market is terrible and once he sold our house for a price for exactly what we wanted, we had to deal with cash burn through while renting and finding the house of our dreams - and we wanted Manoa - the next difficult task for Myron.

Bottom line, within two months we found our dream Manoa home - amazing. My wife and I were impressed at how Myron is not typical (He is very enjoyable to work with along with his wife, Ambur) - many realtors nowadays just want the deal to pass thru not really thinking of their clients - and the present Hawaii market is a sellers market which does not make it an enjoyable process for the buyer who must be subject to bidding wars, etc. This has been our number 5 house that we bought and the most stressing yet enjoyable experience as team kept all their promises. Myron really fought hard for our deal and negotiated a price that fit our loan. He is a great negotiator and always remains and conducts business with class.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to live. Finding the right realtor to help you buy a piece of this island is extremely difficult. Everyone wants your listing and your business - good inventory is hard to find. We would use Myron, Ambur and his team again." May 2015

"Masterful transaction from the perspective of understanding and maximizing our earning potential, tax laws and benefits, show casing our property, and a smooth transaction that aligned to our sales deadline. His staff was equally as friendly, proficient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend." May 2015

"After the referral, it was obvious to me that Myron was willing to work very hard to get and keep our business.  Everyone in the organization showed the same "eager to please" attitude.  They were always there to help-always! As small problems developed in the deal (as they always will) they worked extra hard to smooth them over.  And being from the mainland, they knew that we needed several sets of eyes and ears in Hawaii." January 2011

"Myron is no doubt the best realtor on the island.  Effective, friendly and professional team members; very pro-active, energetic and alwys willing to go the extra mile."  December 2010

"Attention to detail, immediate response, full knowledge of market and peerless customer service."  October 2012

"Open communication, friendliness, and very helpful through the entire process.  Both Myron and Ambur cared about our best interest.  They were available any time of the day to answer any questions.  We were very satisfied and grateful to have worked with Myron & Ambur."  February 2009

"Your expert advice and guidance through each step of the way gave me tremendous peace of mind and confidence that all would be well.  I might not have been as hopeful had it not been for all your encouragement and reassurances.  Your persistent patience and optimism made a world of difference. February 2009

"Myron's attitude, experience, frankness and customer service in comparison with other realtors we interviewed was on par with what we wanted.  We wanted someone who was on our side and able to get the most for our property.  We appreciated Myron's style of letting us know what needed to be done to the house in order for it to sell as well as his aggressiveness in getting things settled." February 2009

"We appreciated Myron's honesty and the diligent teamwork provided.  Ambur was key in preparing the house for sale, especially in managing the contractors who completed the work in a timely and professional manner.  We were especially pleased that through their hard work, they successfully sold our house during an economic downturn!"  February 2009

"Very organized group.  Prudential Advantage (Now Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Advantage Realty) staff is watching every step of the sales contract; seller/buyer need not worry.  Prudential takes it from start to end.  I am a detailed person and you have met my expectation" February 2009

"As the developer of The Woodlands, I am naturally biased as to the value of the residences there; you accurately determined the value of my residence for marketing purposes and selected the proper buyer to negotiate with from the hundreds of persons who visited my residence through your open house showings. The sale of my residence was extremely complicated as the buyer had to sell two properties by way of a 1031 exchange and obtain an investor mortgage to allow me to lease back my residence for a reasonable period of time.  Throughout, you displayed professionalism, attentiveness, and patience in guiding the parties towards closing.  I am convinced this transaction would not have concluded satisfactorily without you and your team’s efforts.”  September 2007

"Myron leaves no stone unturned & works extremely hard. Everyone worked well together. Ambur is also wonderful.”  January 2006

"Myron worked extra hard to juggle both the sale of our house and the purchase of the new home and make it a smooth transition, which it was.  He always worked towards our best interest and tried to protect us.  We appreciate his honesty and hard work.”  March 1998

"Best real estate agent with after care in mind even after the deal is over.  Treats clients the way he expects to be treated.”  March 1998

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