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Coming Our Way?

Aloha and Welcome!
Relocation can be challenging and exciting.  Myron and his team of 7 specialized, full-time real estate agents are well-qualified and equipped to help you make the leap across the Pacific to Hawaii. With over 26 years in the Hawaii Real Estate market, Myron knows the ins and outs of all the neighborhoods, has built relationships with other agents, and will advocate for you when you are ready to make the move to Hawaii. 

We can help you find the right community or neighborhood.

There are many great communities and neighborhoods that make up Hawaii, and finding the one that's best for you is a challenge when you're coming from outside the state.  We can help you understand all the options, from beautiful beach communities to lush and tropical neighborhoods and specific condominiums.  We recognize the decisions that matter.  We can provide you with valuable insights into local schools, desired neighborhoods, amenities and more.  Nobody knows more about Hawaii than Myron and his Team. We recognize that these decisions really matter, and that's why more people choose us to help them with their move to Hawaii.

We are the experienced real estate professional for you.
Myron and his Team can assist you with your home search and guide you through the complexities of Hawaii's real estate quirks.  We'll work with you to understand what really counts in your move and help you find the right property that meets your specific needs. 
 We understand the specific needs of different lenders for the Hawaii market and can help you get pre-qualified prior to your move by matching you up with a local lender to assist with financing. When you're ready to make a visit, we will make arrangements for you to see specific neighborhoods and properties that meet your parameters and help you coordinate your real estate transaction from the moment you submit your offer to handing over your keys. If you're looking for investment property, Myron's background as a CPA will add great insight into his advice for you and he is well-versed in the 1031 Exchange process and tax ramifications.

We can help with your transition.
Moving to Hawaii involves so many details, and our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty real estate team can make your transition easier by coordinating a full range of services. We also have the resources to help find and arrange movers, locksmiths, cleaners, contractors and whatever else you need to get a house ready for your move.  These services are available to all of our clients.

Leaving Town?

We can help.

When you leave this beautiful island and head to a new destination, the transition can be complicated. We're here to help... 

Selling your home.

Need help selling your existing home?  We'll help you choose a qualified real estate professional who knows your neighborhood and understands your selling needs.  They will dedicate the time and resources necessary to sell your home at the best possible price and terms.

Use a qualified agent when you arrive.
At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty, we understand the many aspects of relocation and are fully qualified to assist if you are moving to Hawaii or out of Hawaii. And when you leave beautiful Hawaii to find your new home, we can help you select the right agent at your future destination - one that shares our vision of commitment, ethics, advocacy and professionalism. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty is part of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network of premiere real estate professionals around the world.  We can connect you with specially trained relocation professionals in every city and town in the United States and across the globe to help you find your new home.

For help with your relocation, contact us (click here).

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